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Advanced Solutions For Your Packagings Needs
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Advanced Solutions For Your Packagings Needs
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High-Quality Products Made Using Sophisticated Machinery

Competitive Transit Packaging Solutions

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Working Professionally To Produce Custom-Made Pallets, Cases, And Crates

Reliability And Quality For Your Packaging Needs

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Welcome To HXPP

We Are Canada’s Leading Packaging Specialists

Our efficient, semi-automated, and automated production capabilities mean we’re always able to meet national deadlines, without compromising quality. Our down-to-earth team delivers expertise, innovation, and fast action to ensure we continuously achieve high-quality results for every client.

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Andrew Ranelli

Advanced Solutions For Your Packaging Needs

If You’re Looking For The Right Pallets, At The Right Price, At The Right Time, Look No Further!

Our Services

Plywood Boxes




Plywood Boxes


On & Off Site Crating

Machinery Moving

Pallets To Power Your Business

No more damaged goods. No more delays. No more complaints. Precision pallets and
custom-build solutions will save you time & money and maintain your company’s reputation.
We are committed to environmental sustainability, through the timber we use and in our
working practices. All our staff is fully trained and work by the latest safety and quality

Custom Wooden Crates And Pallets

Our new, all-under-cover storage, processing, and manufacturing facility have been designed with efficiency and process flow in mind. All our raw materials are stored in a dry, ventilated environment ensuring our products remain in the best possible condition. We have adopted all of the latest lean manufacturing philosophies, tools, and techniques to drive out inefficient processes and reduce waste

A History of Quality Services

Our mission is to develop and grow the business in partnership with the local community, suppliers, customers, and our employees, ensuring that we meet the needs of key stakeholders. We support our local community by using local suppliers wherever possible. We have a long history of providing support to a wide range of industries.

Frequently asked questions

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  • Quality Matters When Shipping

  • We Are Fully Dedicated To Serving You

  • Your Trusted Source For Custom Packaging

Frequently asked questions

Have Any Questions?

  • Quality Matters When Shipping

  • We Are Fully Dedicated To Serving You

  • Your Trusted Source For Custom Packaging

Do All Wooden Pallets Needs To Be Heat Treated?

Heat-treated pallets are typically better than chemically treated ones as the heat treatment eliminates insects and insect larvae, reducing moisture levels and making it a deal for pallet handling.

How Much Do Pallets Cost?

This question is a big one and to answer it accurately one must first be sure of the exact purpose of the pallets intended for purchase. The reason for this is that pallets are broadly grouped into two categories, Export & Shipping and Reusable. Prices vary considerably between these two categories based on the manufacturing process, the materials used, and the strength necessary for repeated use (or not).

What Are The Standard Pallet Size Dimensions?

Pallet sizes still vary considerably between different countries although much progress has been made in terms of standardization and re-usability.

Do You Have Any Products Other Than Pallets?

We also build crates and plywood boxes. Crates are fully enclosed and built to your specifications.

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