At Hamilton X Packaging & Pallets we pride ourselves on providing our customers with custom wood crates, boxes and pallets that are right
for your application. Whether your requirements are based on industry or government specications or if a customized solution is what you need,
our team of experts will help in determining the most appropriate design and materials for your wood shipping solution.

Our objective is to see that your products are packaged to arrive safely.

We can build and supply Industrial Crating, Military Crating and Export Industry Crating Hamilton X Packaging & Pallets builds our wood crates and
pallets to be extremely durable to maximize repeated shipping and handling.

Our crates are custom constructed with the highest quality plywood and heat treaded lumber. Our Pallets use hardwood and heat treated softwood.
With many fastening options and internal packaging we can assist you with construction and shipping responsibilities.

Whether you need one or one thousand wood crates or pallets Hamilton X Packaging & Pallets builds durable custom wooden crates and pallets to
protect your valuable cargo during shipping, or if necessary to last for years of warehousing and storage.

With over 30,000+ sq feet of work space we can handle all sizes of equipment or any size pallet.
We ofer on site Crating & Packaging as an additional option.

Hamilton X Packaging & Pallets builds Wood Crates and Pallets for

• Durable Goods Manufacturers' Equipment Shipping Crates
• Machinery Manufacturers' Custom Wooden Crates & Pallets
• Mass Produced Commercial Crates & Wood Boxes
• Extra Large Industrial Crates & Heavy Duty Wood Skids & Bases
• Reusable Shipping and Storage Crates & Custom Pallets
• Residential Antique and Fine Art Crates & Boxes
• Military Specification   (Mil-Spec) Packaging Hi-Tech Electronic
• Satellite & Aerospace Containers
• All sizes of Hardwood and Softwood Pallets or Skids