Hamilton X Packaging & Pallets offers custom crating solutions for heavy, oversized, and fragile items, including machinery and industrial equipment.

Our certified crating experts evaluate the fragility of your items to determine the best crating options. We provide custom solutions for crating heavy, oversize, and fragile items. Our certified packing and shipping experts evaluate the dimensions, value, and fragility of your specialty items to determine the best solution.

Pallets / Skids

Large quantity pallet orders lower cost considerably. Many companies use us exclusively for the high quality of our handmade pallets. Skids are used when heavy or industrial items may not need crating, but need a stable base for loading and transportation.

A standard pallet has 2×4 runners with 1×4 slats evenly spaced along the top and a few on the bottom for stability. Many items can be palletized for shipping at a fraction of the cost of crating, saving you money on packaging and shipping.

Heat Treated Lumber

Heat-Treated lumber is suitable for exporting. We are registered, licensed, and certified to produce lumber, crates, boxes, pallets, and skids. Our customers know they are in good hands with Hamilton X Packaging & Pallets. We truly offer a personal approach to project management, production and design, quality control, inventory management, and delivery. From start to finish.

Design & Development

New ideas and professional development help to stage your products uniquely.

Whether you already have your crate design or if you want to develop the design with us: We implement your design for high-quality series production. If you cooperate with us already in the designing period, we will develop an exclusive and customized blueprint together with you and our designing partners.


Containerization refers to the method in which items are loaded into large 20’ or 40’ metal shipping containers, more often than not for ocean export. This method can either include loading wooden crates or skidded items into the metal containers or loading, blocking, and bracing individual, smaller items (breakbulk) into the metal containers.

These smaller items may or may not be added in crates. Vehicles, like cars or motorcycles, can be loaded into these metal containers without having to put them in crates first.


We are experts at meeting complex packaging requirements. Our team of packaging professionals cares for every unique item with the same amount of respect and pride. Your packaged items will be handled expertly and arrive safely. Many factors are taken into consideration when designing packaging solutions including dimensions, weight, fragility, mode of transport, and final destination. Then the right materials – from corrugated cardboard and wood to anti-static packaging and vapor barriers, to heat shrink wrap – are used to protect your valuables.

On & Off Site Crating

Hamilton X Packaging & Pallets offers an array of on-site packaging and crating services. Our experts can travel to your business or residence and build a custom crate for items that need special care. Some items are too fragile, heavy, oversized, or awkward to move without cushioning, stabilizers, or proper containerization. If that’s the case, we can come to your location. We offer turnkey crating solutions for customers who need crates brought to their location.


Need some storage space for your products? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form and a member of our team will reach out to you and discuss our storage rates. At Hamilton X Packaging & Pallets, we are dedicated to the security of your shipments, from the moment we load your goods into our truck, to tailor-making custom crates, to extended storage, and to sending the shipment, we make sure your goods are well protected. We can provide transportation for your machinery, art, electronics, or other shipments from your building to our warehouse.